Our Wild Camping Guide


While the Road Traffic Act 1988 does allow for resting at the roadside, this does not apply to camping activities and as such you will not be able to set up camp for the night in car parks, laybys or at the side of the road. In order to enjoy an evening camping, a campsite or spot with land owner permission is imperative.

Here's What You Need to Know:

• The Scottish Outdoor Access Code allows the “right to roam” which allows you to access land by foot for recreation - this does not apply to motorised vehicles.

• Access rights enjoyed in Scotland, such as Wild Camping, do not include motor vehicles and there is no specific guidance on camper vans, motorhomes and vehicles with roof tents in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code other than what is mentioned here.

• There is no legal right to park beside the road overnight, however the Highland Council have issued a document that says "Roadside parking does take place but there is a legal distinction between parking, which can take place in laybys or car parks, and camping which is not permitted in these locations."

• If you are parking for the night, please be very aware that you are not permitted to "camp" - this means no camp set up such as awnings, chairs, tables. You will park solely to sleep and no activities outwith the vehicle are permitted.

• For this reason, and since WildTrax is all about experiencing the beauty of Scotland's scenery coupled with an epic camping experience, we always recommend staying in campsites.

• There are plenty of beautiful campsites in The Highlands that already enjoy the most incredible coastal, loch-side or scenic views. They also have the facilities you think you won't need, but trust us, you will be grateful for! These range from the standard toilet and shower facilities as well as washing up areas to keep your kit clean, but some also offer free equipment use (such as paddleboards and kayaks), fish and chip shops, bars, and little shops for the basics. It's also a fantastic way to meet likeminded people of an evening after a day on the open road. We would encourage visitors to use official campsites or designated overnight parking areas. These sites also support the local economy and they are a great base to explore the vast, rich and varied natural beauty of Scotland.

• If you fancy a wilder camping experience, Contact Us to book one of our exclusive, privately owned camp spots for the perfect Highland Escapade.

If You have any further questions about Wild Camping Guidlines then please contact us at hello@wildtrax.co.uk