Frequently Asked questions

Can I book online?

Yes of course! You can check available dates here, and book your WildTrax experience online. If you are looking to book a Lodge & Landy combination deal, please get in touch with us to book on your behalf, since this involves two calendars.

Can I drive off-road?

You may have read that off-roading/green laning isn’t legal here in Scotland as it is in England. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code allows the “right to roam” which allows you to access land by foot for recreation - this does not apply to motorised vehicles.

WildTrax is not an off-roading company, what we offer is an alternative to a traditional campervan, with 4×4 driving capability that allows you to tackle conditions, weather and routes that campers and motorhomes can’t, such as the narrow switch backs of the Applecross Pass. Therefore, driving off of the legal sealed road network is strictly prohibited.

The Road Traffic Act 1988 states that you may "drive a mechanically propelled vehicle on any land within fifteen yards of a road, being a road on which a motor vehicle may lawfully be driven, for the purpose only of parking the vehicle on that land." Landowner permission does need to be sought for private land and this does not apply to camping.

For any driving that is not on a sealed road surface, you must have prior written permission from the land owner, which you must present to WildTrax prior to your hire. For example, if you have permission to use a forestry track for an event.

In these cases please always use care and caution when driving on uneven surfaces, especially where boggy. Even the best 4×4’s can sink on the wrong terrain and if you are found to be somewhere you shouldn't be, you will be charged for a recovery.

Our vehicles are fitted with trackers, and off-road driving outside of these guidelines will result in a forfeit of the damage deposit.

Please make sure to read the following resources before your trip: 
- Enjoying the Highlands in your motorhome or campervan - A Highland Council Issued Guidance Document
- Scottish Outdoor Access Code - Guidance for campers, motorhomes and roof top tents
- The Road Traffic Act 1988 - Section 34 in relation to parking

See Also: "Do I have to Park Overnight in Campsites?"

I can’t see my dates, are they available?

Our online booking system shows you the live availability for each vehicle, however if you are unsure, or you would like to discuss availability over the phone, then give us a call or drop us an email. Sometimes a day will be marked as unavailable due to a later than normal return or early pick up, so we might be able to work out a plan to accommodate your trip with amended times.

What is your minimum number of nights?

We are proud to now offer no minimum number of nights when booking your WildTrax Adventure. We offer Bookings for 1-2 Nights, 3-6 Nights, 7+ Nights. The longer your stay, the less the the rate per day will be. View our Rates when you select each Landy on the dropdown above to see each cars Rates Per Night.

Can I rent for longer than 3 nights

Sure, subject to availability there is no maximum to the amount of nights you hire for. What’s more, we offer progressive discounts for longer stays, see "what is your minimum number of nights."

Do I have to park overnight in campsites?

As explained in "Can I Drive Off Road" - access rights enjoyed in Scotland, such as Wild Camping, do not include motor vehicles and there is no specific guidance on camper vans, motorhomes and vehicles with roof tents in the Scottish Outdoor Access Code other than what is mentioned here.

There is no legal right to park beside the road overnight, however the Highland Council have issued a document that says "Roadside parking does take place but there is a legal distinction between parking
, which can take place in laybys or car parks, and camping which is not permitted in these locations."

If you are parking for the night, please be very aware that you are not permitted to "camp" - this means no camp set up such as awnings, chairs, tables. You will park solely to sleep and no activities outwith the vehcile are permitted.

For this reason, and since WildTrax is all about experiencing the beauty of Scotland's scenery coupled with an epic camping experience, we always recommend staying in campsites.

There are plenty of beautiful campsites in The Highlands that already enjoy the most incredible coastal, loch-side or scenic views. They also have the facilities you think you won't need, but trust us you will be grateful for! These range from the standard toilet and shower facilities as well as washing up areas to keep your kit clean, but some also offer free equipment use (such as paddleboards and kayaks), fish and chip shops, bars, and little shops for the basics. It's also a fantastic way to meet likeminded people of an evening after day on the open road. We would encourage visitors to use official campsites or designated overnight parking areas. These sites also support the local economy and they are a great base to explore the vast, rich and varied natural beauty of Scotland.

If you fancy a wilder camping experience, why not add a ground tent package to your booking, then park up safely and hike into the hills with some kit for a more rugged experience.

See also: “Can I Drive Off Road”.
Check out our Journal for ideas & recommendations.

Can I take a vehicle out in exchange for my photography, videography or influencer status?

We do work with selected media partners – get in touch to find out more.

Can I drive to you and park at Wildtrax HQ?

Yes absolutely, we have ample parking here at HQ and you can leave your car here for the duration of your stay free of charge.

Are the vehicles automatic or manual?

We have Discovery 3's and the New Defender 110 available for those wishing to book automatic options. All of the other Defenders are manual.

Do you sell your tents to the public?

Yes absolutely, we work with a number of suppliers and can also fit them subject to availability. If you would like to purchase one, please check out our shop.

Are you open all year round?

From March – October we hire our vehicles out as Expedition Hire (with rooftop tent & camping kit). In November, December, January and February due to the cold weather and the increased chance of snow, which can come with treacherous driving conditions, we find this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our Lodge and Landy combo deal, offering hire of the Land Rover simply as a vehicle (not with camping kit) combined with a stay in our lodges. All the fun of the car but with a cosy log fire, comfy bed and warm shower! For the “die-hard” camper we do have the option of winter camping, or we offer our vehicles as Car Hire Only. We do run a screening for those wishing to camp over winter to make sure the risks and provisions are understood, so please get in touch if this is you.


Absolutely. Subject to availability, you can rent the WildTrax Land Rovers and one of our Lodges above Loch Ness for the option of even more comfort as and when you would like it. However, most guests find the best way is to finish their trip with a few nights in a cosy lodge after a few nights in the wild. Get in touch to find out more or visit Ancarraig Lodges to book directly.

How do I get to you?

Inverness is well served by an airport, train station and bus station. We work closely with an affiliated firm who offer preferential transfer rates for WildTrax guests. The airport is 10 minutes away, and the bus and train stations are 15-20 minutes from HQ. Transfers can be arranged both to and from HQ. See a map of our location on our contact page.

Is there a mileage limit?

Where's the fun in mileage limits?  We are proud to be a rare exception to the norm and offer our adventurers an unlimited experience in their travels.

Where are you based, can I pick up the car from somewhere else?

WildTrax HQ is a short 10 minute drive from Inverness airport. All collections and returns must take place here where we undertake the safety demonstration, show you around the vehicle, process the damage deposit and complete the paperwork. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer collection or return at alternative locations.

What’s included in the price, are there any hidden extras?

Our nightly rates include hire of the vehicle,  roof tent, our full kit, unlimited mileage, up to 1 drivers, and fully comprehensive insurance. The only additional funds to pay are the refundable damage deposit of £1000, which is due in the couple of days leading up to your hire, and any extras you wish to add such as a dog package or additional kit hire, for example a kayak.

More on this can be found on our terms and conditions.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes – dogs are welcome when hiring one of our Defender 110 Land Rovers (excluding the Utility and the New Defender). Please select the Dog Package at checkout.  If you would like to bring a dog in another car shape, please ask as it may be possible with some amendments.

Please read our Dog Policy in clause 12 of our Terms & Conditions for more information.

I have points on my licence – can I still hire from you?

Our insurance dictates that so long as you have a maximum of 3 points for either a speeding or parking offence, you can hire one of our vehicles. You must also not have been involved in more than one motoring accident or claim within the preceding three years. There is an added surcharge for points on licence stipulated by our insurers of £8 per day. Please check your eligibility to drive with us before booking if you are unsure.

How many people fit in one car?

The Defender 90s and Utility each seat 2, and sleep 2 people in the double bed sized tent. As our camping kit and tents cater to 2 people this is the maximum occupancy for a camping hire unless you add an additional ground tent to your hire. Please also note that the boot space is required for the extensive kit provided, so luggage space will be minimal if the back seats are required for any form of seating.

The Defender 110, and the New Defender seat 5 people if the hire is car only.  The Discovery 3 can seat 7 when booked as car hire only or as part of a Lodge & Landy package.

What’s the minimum age for driving the Land Rovers?

Our standard minimum age in line with our insurance policy is 21. We do have a requirement that all drivers must have held their licence for a minimum of 2 years. Full information on damage deposits and surcharges can be found on our Terms & Conditions page. The damage deposit is held on your card for the duration of the trip and released upon safe return of the vehicle and kit in the condition it was hired out in.

What’s the maximum age for driving the Land Rovers?

Our standard maximum age in line with our insurance policy is 70, however are happy to accept drivers up to 79 with an increased excess of £2000.

What time can I collect the vehicle and when do I need to bring it back?

Collections are at 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00 and hires run in 24 hour blocks. Subject to availability we can often extend these times if required.

Additional Hours: £30 Camping Hire, £15 Car Hire.

Please note that if a late return has not been agreed upon, the car MUST be back by the same time on the return date and late returns will be chargeable. Please note our offices close at 17:00 - any arrivals running later than this time will need to return the following morning.

Do you offer discounts to Armed Services, Police, Fire Services, Ambulance service and NHS staff?

Yes! We offer 10% discount to those with a Defence Privilege Card/Blue Light Card/Valid photo ID card. Get in touch to have your discount applied to your full price booking (this discount does not work with any other discounts or promotions).

Can I rent MULTIPLE VEHICLES at the same time?

Absolutely! Subject to availability, and all drivers meet the rental requirements, hiring multiple vehicles is a great way for groups to explore.

Check our Special Offers, as we may have some Group Booking Offers!

Add our Walkie-Talkies extra for that super fun convoy experience!

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